What’s the Most Common Reason to Call your local Locksmith?

This is not a complete list of reasons to call your local locksmith just the most common based on what we do day-to-day.

Locked Out of Your Home or Place of Work

You could be locked out of your home or place of work for a whole host of reasons you may have just lost your key or the key has broken off in the lock  (common with Euro locks or Yale type rim cylinder locks) or your lock whichever type has just decided to stop doing what it always did let you in! It never surprises me the amount of people in this situation say oh it's been sticking for ages I was going to get it looked at.  So if you think your locks is not operating as smoothly as it should get it looked at sooner rather than later to avoid being locked out!

Lock Repairs

Lock repairs I could talk about this one all day as it’s the most common job a locksmith will do. You’ve heard the saying If it isn’t broke don’t fix it and that’s exactly what people do they wait until it proper broke before they call a locksmith. Have you ever noticed how you become expert at jiggling your old or worn lock or you know just how to manipulate your UPVC door handle to get it to lock. General wear and tear is usually the culprit or in the case of a UPVC door it’s usually down to the door dropping and putting pressure on the locking mechanism, which eventually breaks. We specialise in UPVC lock repairs and door alignment we also do the more traditional mortise locks for wooden doors as well as just about every other type of lock you could think of. If your having any of the above issues feel free to contact us of a free quote on 01904 750005

Burglary or Hopefully Attempted Burglary Damage

Burglaries seem to be on the rise there is no one method used it could be lock snapping which is exactly what it say the burglar will break away the handle on a UPVC door and this exposes the lock and then its simply snapped I won't go much further on this subject but I can assure you a proficient burglar could get into most UPVC door within seconds and the best way to protect yourself from lock snapping is to fit an insurance approved anti snap or snap safe lock or install a high security PAS 24 handle. Both of these are relatively inexpensive versus you peace of mind.

If you are experiencing any of the issues that we have covered in this blog or you would like to talk to us about your home security feel free to call us on 01904 750005

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