Although we have been allowed to remain open throughout the pandemic there is no doubt that the virus has had a major impact on the levels of business available for all locksmith in the york area. Less people moving about means much less of every potential reason you would have to call a locksmith out. Broken or lost keys broken or jammed upvc mechanisms failed locks handles hinges ect. I would say business is about 60% down if not more. But things will change as we slowly get back to normal if anything it has given me a chance to look at all the other areas of the business that sometimes get neglected when you are busy, stock levels tools ect. These things all help to ensure will be ready for all the calls when people get back to normal and start moving about in York freely again. Locksmithing is a funny old game anyway one minute you wonder if the phone has stopped working and other times you can't seem to stop it ringing  so we are used to the ups and downs of the trade. Anyway going forward we will be investing in some new non destructive entry tools for people who find themselves locked out ensuring we can get you back in your house as quickly as possible. And also widening our stock levels of upvc door gearboxes to ensure more of upvc door lock repairs can be completed on the first visit. Right now we are still providing a full Locksmith service as normal except now we are using all the recommended Covid safe measures. Face masks at all time, distancing measures plus any locks doors or surfaces we work on will be fully bacteracised prior to leaving the job. Remember if you are looking for genuine York locksmith then call me now on 01904 750005 anytime.