Upvc door Lock repairs in York

At lockline we can repairs or replace all known makes of Upvc door locks and multi point locking mechanisms. Often times a full replacement can be avoided by simply removing the mech and re lubricating it. Then followed by adjusting the door on the hinges or by toe and heel packing we can get jammed or rough operating door working smoothly again often avoiding the cost of full a replacement lock. If a replacement lock or parts are needed don't worry we carry a vast amount of spares and can usually get you door working like new without having do a return visit. If your door is not working as smoothly as it should be you can perform this simple test.

With the door open simply lift the handle as you would when normally locking it. This will operate the internal gearbox and multi point lock, now turn the key to lock the door if the handle lifts smoothly and the key also turns smoothly and locks this usually rules out a problem with the actual lock barrel, gearbox or multipoint mechanism and in most case points to a door or door frame alignment issue.

So If you Upvc door is in need of a repair or realigning we can give your door a full service and get it working as near as new again no matter what the problem.

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