When you are looking for a tradesman or company to repair your upvc windows a Locksmith might not be your first thought. Most Locksmiths if asked will happily supply and fit you a new locking handle but thats were most locksmiths start and finish with upvc window problems. There are a huge amount of  different different locks and parts for upvc doors and as a locksmith you need to carry a huge amount of stock in your van If you want to complete most repairs on the first visit. So when you add Upvc window repairs into the mix the amount of different parts needed to complete a repair on the first visit is even bigger dozens of different handles, gearboxes, friction stays, ect. So it's no surprise that most locksmiths don't venture into this side of things. At Lockline we can supply and fit all the necessary parts to fix your Upvc windows so if it jammed shut or doesn't shut properly or simply needs a new handle give us a call. 01904 750005 ask for Darran.