Rep locks are the high security alternative to the vulnerable factory fitted drivers door lock on the ford transit.The standard ford transit door lock is easily defeated using just basic diy tools leaving your van and its contents wide open to the clued up thief. Usually fitted together with hook bolt deadlocks to the rear and side loading doors the rep lock provides a robust hurdle for any would be thief. Usually they don't bother with your van once they are fitted. The rep lock is supplied with a large outer ring to cover up any door panel damaged your van may have around the lock if it has already being broken into. Rep lock come supplied keyed alike to the rear and side loading deadlocks if fitted at the same time.

Really good high visibility deterrent

Works with the central locking

Can cover any break in damage

If you are considering improving the security of you van or need to due to you van already being targeted by thieves call Lockline Locksmith Now 01904 750005