Popular lock makers Yale have been making locks for about 180 years, most people will associate the name with the very common Yale Night latch lock that sit on the back of thousands of doors. Its widespread use can be seen everywhere, for example on a main house door although not usually as the only lock, or on doors to flats or internal offices, the list goes on (as we said very common.) One of biggest drawback to this type of lock is people accidentally lock themselves out as it is really easy to forget to put the snib on and accidently close the door behind you and if you don't have a key on you, that is it you are locked out.

Enter the Yale smart lock, its keyless so it's opened by simply entering a pre set code that can be from 4 to 6 digits, easy ! You can also easily programme a card the same size of a credit card and simply touch this on the lock or a key tag which is basically a small key ring which works in the same way. Another big advantage of the Keyless  connected smart lock is if you have lots of people using the door, then it is ideal as you can programme up to 20 individual key tags or just use the entry code. I fitted the one in the picture to a dentist in blossom street york with 28 staff, you can imagine the problems they were having before with that many keys flying around (ex staff and so on). The Keyless Yale lock has solved all their problems.

So are there any downsides ? Not really. It is battery operated but fitting good quality ones should mean they last for ages, you can power it up from the outside with a 9 volt battery in case you've let the batteries go flat so you are never really locked out. reliability? they have not been out long enough to tell but they are made by Yale you would have thought they would be made to last.

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