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At Lockline Locksmith York we can fit every type of lock for your home or premises. Knowing exactly what you need or what’s best for your situation can sometimes be confusing so we’ve come up with some of the most common questions that we’ve been asked:

I need a new lock for my front door it’s pvc aren’t they all the same?

These type of locks come in over 35 different sizes.  That’s not a problem for us as we carry a large van stock of locks to suit most doors.

My front door handle won’t lift all the way up so I can’t lock my door

This sounds like you have a locking mechanism issue. We specialise in the repair of these types of locks and again we carry all the parts needed to get your door working like new.

I’m struggling to get a joiner to just fit me a lock in a wooden door would you come and do it?

No problem we fit can any kind of lock to any type of door further to that we can quickly show you the different types of locks we carry and you can choose which would best suit your needs.

Do you supply and fit window locks? 

Yes this is a popular job for us especially with people that have just moved house and have realised half or them don’t work properly or the last owner didn’t leave any keys.

Do you do high security locks?

All our locks are British standard approved, further to this we supply and fit a range of insurance company or neighbourhood watch recommended  high security locks to suit every door.

I’m not sure what I need. 

No problem just give us a call we are more than happy to chat about what we think might best suit you needs. Call Darran at Lockline Locksmith York on 01904 750005

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