Got problems with a UPVC  or composite door? We fit locks, service and repair UPVC and composite doors?

At Lockline we are experts in UPVC door lock installations and repairs. We supply and fit all makes and models of UPVC and composite door multi point locks. 

We offer a full UPVC door lock service including opening jammed or faulty multi point locks, re-aligning doors and frames, replacement replacement multi point locks.

UPVC doors probably outnumber every other type of doors these days. Over time the UPVC door can develop problems mainly to the multi point locking system. Don’t let anyone tell you the door needs replacing if the door is in good condition. Apart from the faulty operation of your door its always massively cheaper to replace just the faulty locking mechanism than replace the whole door. 

If you are having any problems with your UPVC door, with a new mechanism and a few simple adjustments we can soon have it working like new again.

Some of the common questions customers have asked us about Upvc and composite doors.

My Door seems to have dropped in the frame and is difficult to close. Will I need a new door?

No in most case with a few simple adjustments we should be able to get it working like new again.

My door closes but the handle is hard to lift into the locking position?

This could be either the door out of adjustment or a problem with the locking mechanism either way we can sort it out it’s a very common fault.

My door locks ok but the handle sits in the downward position and seems loose?

This is most likely an issue with the internal working of your locking mechanism and it could fail altogether leaving you locked out. There are literally hundred of different types of the part you need just give us a call we can soon have its fixed for you.

Your UPVC or composite door should have given you years of trouble free service. Unfortunately sometimes problems can arise so if your having any trouble with your door just give us a call. We would be more than happy to repair it for you.


If you have had a break in or attempted break in or just thinking of upgrading your security were here to help upgrade the security on your home or premises.

We supply and fit high security locks and handles for domestic UPVC doors, composite doors, wood doors, and patio doors, on your home or commercial premises and out buildings.  Call us now. We can fit the locks burglars just walk away from. 

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