Smart Locks

If you’re looking for a keyless door lock solution for your home or business, a smart door lock installation from Lockline Locksmiths will provide high levels of security without the need for a key. 

Keys are incredibly easy to lose – whether you’re a homeowner, business owner or employee, misplacing your key can be very frustrating, and often result in you requiring the services of a locksmith. 

Smart locks will unlock your property doors using a either a keypad, mobile phone or key fobs. Our York locksmiths will listen carefully to your requirements and talk you through the best options to suit your requirements. 

To find out more about our smart lock installations in York, please get in touch today. 

Why Choose smart door locks ?

  •  Keyless Entry and Exit 

With no need to fumble around for your keys, as a homeowner, this will save masses of time when it comes to unloading shopping, getting the family safely into your house, and of course, reduces the chance of leaving your keys somewhere. 

If choosing a smart lock installation for your business, you’ll no longer need to worry about your employees leaving their keys at home, or worse still, losing them altogether and needing to get them replaced.

  • Increased Security 

With older UPVC door locks, little thought was given to security and many can be simply snapped by the clued-up intruder or burglar. 

With a keyless smart lock, as there is no visible keyway you will receive a higher level of security meaning your home and business property will be much safer. 

Your smart lock code can be changed as often as you’d like, much more easily than getting your traditional locks changed every so often. Our York locksmiths will talk you through the various types of secure smart locks. 

They are also ideal for multiple occupancy properties.

  •  More Durable

With your traditional lock, you may have noticed your keys starting to stick as your turn the locks, meaning you need to jiggle the key which can lead to further damage. 

Keyless smart locks don’t need to sustain the repetitive friction caused by inserting and removing your key, meaning they last much longer than alternatives. 

Reliable Locksmiths in York

Our team of York locksmiths have many years of experience, providing smart door lock installations and other services to many happy clients across the region. 

Whether you are kitting out your new business premises with a stress-free smart locking system, or you’d like to increase your levels of security for your home, our team will get to know your requirements and offer their knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best possible product and service. 

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To increase your property’s security with a keyless smart lock installation, call Lockline Locksmiths today. We provide a variety of locksmiths services in York and surrounding areas – give us a call today to let us know of your requirements. 

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