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Lockline Locksmiths are experts in uPVC door repairs. If you have a broken uPVC door lock mechanism or any other problem with your door, we can repair it. We cover York and the surrounding area. We offer customers a quick, efficient, cost-effective solution to your UPVC door problems.

Please feel free to call me if you don’t find what you are looking for on this page. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. If you are ready to use a local locksmith in York, get in touch!

Misaligned Door Locks

Once you’re in this situation, it can be a more costly fix as you may be unable to open the door at all. uPVC doors are supported from the hinged side, so, over time, they typically sag in the frame. This causes the door and frame to become misaligned. When this happens, the locking points don’t line up correctly. Early signs of this are when your door handle is harder to lift into the locking position or the key is harder to turn.

Lock Replacement

We offer a complete uPVC door lock replacement and repair service, including opening jammed or faulty multi-point locks, re-aligning doors and frames and replacing multi-point locks. Lockline Locksmiths can quickly check your door to see if any issues you may have are due to poor door alignment and make any necessary adjustments to get your door working smoothly again.

Broken uPVC Door Lock Mechanism

The front door on your house usually gets the most use, so your door locking mechanism can fail over time. If your door is correctly aligned in the frame, then mechanism failure is actually not that common. Usually, a broken or failed mechanism is because of poor door alignment in the frame. If leftover time, this problem will stress the internal working of your door’s locking mechanism and eventually fail or break, leaving you unable to operate your door correctly.

Whatever has caused the problem, we can help. There are literally hundreds of different types of UPVC door mechanisms out there, so for this reason, we carry a large stock of replacement parts, mechanisms and parts for UPVC doors to get your door working perfectly again.

uPVC Door Internal Gearbox

The internal working of a uPVC door gearbox is complex as it contains levers, springs, ball bearing, etc. Over time and with continued use, these become worn, especially if it’s your main entrance door. Again, poor door misalignment can cause this part to fail, leaving you unable to operate your door.

Again there are hundreds of different uPVC door gearboxes out there, so for this reason, we carry a large stock of replacement gearboxes, ensuring we can get your door repaired on the first visit. If any part of your uPVC door mechanism is not working as it should or you are having trouble operating your door, do not attempt to take it apart yourself; call us at Lockline and have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Repairing uPVC Doors

If specialised parts are required to fix your uPVC door, it will be possible to locate them promptly utilising our extensive supplier network. A more helpful professional for your uPVC door repairs won’t be found. The components used by uPVC door and window manufacturers change over time. It may be more difficult to locate old parts once production of them is stopped for repairs. Even if perfect matches are not possible, I have enough knowledge to locate components that are a close match to carry out the required repairs.

It typically only takes minor changes to the way a part is fixed for the mechanism to function as smoothly as it did before. I am aware that uPVC Doors are widely used in homes in York. They are actually very popular across the UK. The popularity of the doors is due to a variety of additional factors, including they do not require constant painting and they are, for example, affordable and fairly low maintenance. Additionally, they are fire resistant too.

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